December 2022

I have a feeling that I will always remember this year fondly; I’ve found so much meaning in life and my work. My first photobook is being released in a week. I am ready for all of it; the past twelve months have prepared me for everything.

November 2022

I listened to what people thought about my photographs for a whole week straight. Curiosity and affection — they meant the world to me. I also learned a lot of new words to describe my own work. I discover a lot about myself when I give interviews.

October 2022

I wrote a poem and I didn’t regret it. It’s been months since last I took a photograph for Unutursan Darılmam. I think I’m near the end of the story. I don’t know how I feel about it; it definitely marks the end of an era though, that’s for certain. And I already know what I’m going to shoot next.

September 2022

There are signs of it, everything is going wrong: It’s about this city, something is off — İstanbul truly owes me another life, if that’s not possible, I demand my 20s back. They once abandoned stray dogs on an island in this city; you can’t get more cursed than that. I won’t die here, promise.

August 2022

Photographing a hallucination: Will others also see that everything is going wrong? Who knows. People like me take pictures to survive, we don’t have the luxury of even contemplating. Photos, photos, photos — just to make sense of it all. I never wanted things to be like this. So it goes.