Her Şeyin Kötü Gittiğine Dair Emareler (Signs That Everything Is Going Wrong)
2016 - 2022

Exhibited as part of the group exhibition Zamane İstanbulları (Istanbuls Today, 2022 - 2023) at Pera Museum, “Signs That Everything Is Going Wrong” is a look at the artist’s entire body of work that is devoted to İstanbul.

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Zamane İstanbulları (Istanbuls Today) at Pera Museum, between December 22nd, 2022 - April 30th, 2023.

Şehir Fikri (Notion of a City)
2022, Onagöre

Something is missing. What happens if you omit people, animals, and language while telling a story about a city? “Notion of a City” is a beautifully peculiar portrayal of İstanbul.

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Unutursan Darılmam (I Won’t Be Upset If You Forget Me)
2019 - Ongoing

Imagine leaving the house only ten times in a whole year. The author was left behind, sour but kind. “I Won’t Be Upset If You Forget Me” is a story about clinging to İstanbul — to survive and rediscover life.

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Encontros da Imagem: Discovery Awards 2022, Winner

Will the World End in the Daytime
2017 - 2019

İstanbul sits right on top of the North Anatolian Fault — a massive earthquake is due. “Will the World End in the Daytime” searches for clues and signs of the imminent disaster that is predicted to swallow the city.

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Les Rencontres d’Arles (As part of the group exhibition A Pillar of Smoke, 2018)

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