Will the World End in the Daytime (Kıyamet Gündüz Mü Gelecek, 2017 - 2019) is a fictional photo-story about the imminent devastating earthquake that is predicted by scientists to take place in Istanbul.

︎ Exhibitions —Les Rencontres d’Arles, Galerie Paris-B, & Jimei x Arles International Photography Festival as part of A Pillar of Smoke (2018)
︎ As seen onHyperallergic

Project Statement

We sense an approaching catastrophe — ecological problems, terrorist attacks, and more dreadful, unidentifiable dangers whose source we don’t know.

This expectancy, almost fate, is real in the case of Istanbul. “Will the World End in the Daytime” is a series about an earthquake predicted by scientists right after the 1999 Marmara earthquakes.

The series searches for eerie signs and scenes in everyday moments in the overpopulated city that could face destruction any second, for which government bodies have never properly prepared it.

Using a conceptual and fictional approach, the work tells the story of the earthquake and its aftermath.

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